be a slut
be a slut
Oh but darling, we're all insane.


when you send a raunchy snapchat to the wrong person


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 I’m a huge supporter of things which annoy misogynistic rich white men

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The Downworlders Networks - Battle Challenges
A sibling relationship - Alec and Izzy

"So what did you see?" Isabelle demanded.
She hadn’t been at all pleased to be left behind while Alec and Jace did recon, but Alec had insisted that she save her strength. She was listening to him more these days, in that way that Izzy only listened to people whose opinion she respected. It was nice.

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get to know me meme
[1/10] relationships: sophie & gideon (the infernal devices)

"Please forgive me for the trick I played on you with the scones. I did not mean to show you disrespect. I hope you do not imagine I think any less of you for your position in the household, for you are one of the finest and bravest ladies I have ever had the pleasure of knowing"

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TID Appreciation Week: Day 1: Favorite Character » Tessa Gray

“There will always be those who want to tell you who you are based on your name or the blood in your veins. Do not let other people decide who you are. Decide for yourself.” 

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